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Thanks for stopping by my music site!

I appreciate you taking the time to see what's new at The Jolly German! As some of you already know, I've been a professional musician for over 50 years now and have had my original songs in various places on the Internet since 1997. I am an Air Force Veteran and currently own and operate Jolly German Web Services at JollyGerman.com. You can read my story by clicking on my Bio Page.

In 2020, due to COVID restrictions, I was forced to come off the road as playing venues with a live band gradually became quite difficult. The good news is that the change in lifestyle has allowed me the time to put together a home studio. So with the help of digital software to augment my live instruments (lead guitar, bass and keyboards), I now enjoy creating my original music (without a band) in my new studio. I also enjoy photography and making videos for my music, some of which you can find here, on YouTube and ReverbNation.

No matter what else life throws my way, writing and performing my own original songs is my number one passion.  I’ve got many songs in my vault that need either finishing or polishing. I’m also writing new ones all the time, so much of the music you will see and hear will be in various stages of completion. Why post them if they are not finished?  As my musician friends know, it takes a lot of time to get originals ready to publish.  So I post many of them to get feedback as I write them. Please keep that in mind when forming your opinions. Of course, positive, constructive comments are always welcome here on my blog and on my YouTube channel.  I have had my YT channel for a while, but only recently started trying to promote my music on there. My goal is to eventually have all my audio links listed here on this site, so that you won’t have to travel all over the internet in order to listen to any of my music, regardless of where else it may be hosted.

Just FYI:  Historically, my tastes in music run the gamut from Heavy Metal to Classical, but because of this crazy world we now live in, my writing style has become a bit more mellow, leaning toward positive, hopeful Pop, Soft Rock, Experimental/New Age, blues and jazz these days. Please take a look around and let me know what you think. I would love it if you would also take a few seconds to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel and other social media sites where some of my music is currently being played.   I hope you enjoy your visits and will check back often to keep up with my progress.  Thanks again for checking out my site and my channel!

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